Just like us, you will
use it every week

Just like us, you will
use it every week

Strong Songs
Solid Set

Because, we believe great worship songs help congregations experience genuine worship services.

Songs are not the goal of worship, but great songs help us set our minds on the Lord, unite the worship of our congregations, and help us express the affections of our hearts.

So we gathered 800 timeless yet congregational worship songs & hymns. Starting from the early hymns to the latest songs impacting the church today.

SongSugest places this collection of songs at your fingertips, and allows you to find the song you need by filtering this collection using Themes, Key or Tempo. It's beautifully designed. It's easy. It's fun. It just works!

you need

Over 600 songs loved by congregations around the world.
Easy search by theme, key, and/or tempo
Add, edit & delete your own songs
Save your favorite songs to 'My SetList'
Email your 'My SetList' to your team.
One click search for online lyrics, chords, videos, audio.
Suggest a song to us, and we may update all users with your suggestion!

for Worship Leaders

Always have a great song for any occasion
Quickly build a set of amazing songs your congregation loves
Find the right song ideas for your themed service
Discover long forgotten yet loved songs awaiting a comeback

Even More
to come

Share your setlist with other platforms
SongSuggest for other genres - Wedding Singers anyone?
Manage multiple collections and multiple setlists
iPad support
And much more...


Luis Felipe Vargas - Husband, Father and an accomplished musician. Music Director for Harvest Oakville.
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Batsirai Chada - Husband, Father, Recording Artist, Entreprenuer. Also building theOverflow.com.
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We make music too:


We love what we do, and what started as a driveway conversation after a worship practice has now grown into a venture that is impacting fellow worship leaders. Luis & Batsirai worked together as worship leader, and music director respectively.

Luis one day had an idea that would help us plan our services better. (read the story here). SongSuggest for the iPhone was the result and we started worshipapps.com on the belief that if it could help us, it would be of some benefit to other worship leaders.

We care about worship leaders – we ARE worship leaders and we are committed to creating well designed applications that make it easier (and more enjoyable) to plan our services, communicate and develop our teams.


1518 Fieldgate Drive
Oshawa, ON

Awards from

Worship Leader Magazine / Christianity Today

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